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Snoring can be annoying. Over 100 million people in the United States snore at least occasionally. For most, the condition is more annoying than dangerous. But left untreated, snoring can worsen over time. Consult Dr. David Brodner to evaluate the seriousness of your snoring.

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What are the benefits of Coblation Snoring Treatment?

Coblation Snoring Treatment is a medical innovation that can bring your snoring under control with a simple, quick procedure.

This revolutionary treatment:

  • Results in noticeable snoring improvement within 1-4 weeks
  • Can take as little as ten minutes

When you sleep, air passages at the back of the nose and mouth become partially blocked. Snoring is the noise caused by air attempting to flow past the blockage. In many cases, this noise can fully or partially be traced to the soft palate—the area located on the roof of your mouth between the hard palate and the uvula. Chronic snoring is a common problem, and you are not alone. More than 45% of all adults snore occasionally, and 25% of adults snore consistently, causing millions of households to lose sleep nightly.

After the treatment, your snoring should decrease over time. The volume of soft palate tissue varies among patients. As such, it may be necessary to repeat the Coblation procedure to achieve maximum results.

A complete examination by your doctor is the first step to snoring treatment. The doctor will check your throat structures and evaluate factors such as weight, blood pressure, and heart rate before recommending the best treatment plan for you.

Many devices and procedures have been developed to temporarily control snoring. Non-surgical approaches, such as weight loss, lifestyle modifications, or oral appliances to reposition the jaw during sleep are possibilities. There are also more aggressive and invasive surgical options for patients who don’t get relief from these conservative treatments.

Coblation is an advanced technology that removes and shrinks soft palate tissue using gentle radiofrequency energy and natural saline. Because Coblation is not a heat-driven process, surrounding healthy tissue is preserved allowing for a quick recovery.

The proven, patented Coblation process has been used in over six million procedures by surgeons in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and other areas of medical specialty.

With Coblation, your doctor removes and shrinks excess tissue inside the soft palate with a specially designed device.

This outpatient procedure takes less than 10 minutes. Patients typically return home shortly after the procedure and can experience a noticeable reduction in snoring within one to four weeks.

A very low incidence of side effects, including minor swelling and sore throat, have been reported in some patients following treatment.

Read what our patients are saying!

My ears had been clogged for a couple of days and when I woke up the next morning it was also uncomfortable. I got a same day appointment, was seen promptly after arriving at the office, and they vacuumed out wax blockage in about 5 minutes which fixed the problem. Excellent experience.

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