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Allergy Treatment

Since Runny nose/Post-Nasal Drip is one of the most common illnesses in America, people often mistakenly believe that since everyone has allergies, there’s nothing that needs to be done. This is highly incorrect. When you have allergies, your immune system struggles greatly. Your system will react to the contaminants in your body and fill your bloodstream with inflammatory chemicals like leukotrienes and histamine that swell the lining of your nasal passages, eyelids, and sinuses. Left untreated, patients can suffer a reduced quality of life and experience severe restrictions in their daily activities which results in excessive time away from school or work. These are important reasons to seek allergies treatment from an accredited Boynton Beach/Boca Raton allergist.


An allergist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Allergies can include seasonal or environmental sensitivities as well as reactions to foods, medication, or other substances.

Allergy Symptoms

Allergy symptoms are often similar to and/or coincide with other medical conditions. For this reason, it is imperative to have an accurate diagnosis so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be initiated.


Runny nose/Post-Nasal Drip, known commonly as Hay Fever, is the inflammatory reaction of the nose and sinuses caused by exposure to airborne irritants like pollen. There are two common types of Hay Fever: seasonal which occurs during the time of year when pollination occurs, and perennial which occurs all year long. If you typically suffer from allergies during the springtime, chances are that you are simply allergic to common tree pollens. If your allergies are most prominent in the summer, you’re likely allergic to varieties of grass and weed pollens, and the winter/fall weeds and fungus spores. However, if you are one to experience allergies on an all-year basis, there could be a variety of airborne irritants you could be allergic to--dust mites, dander, mold, pollen, etc. Whether your Runny nose/Post-Nasal Drip is seasonal or perennial, seeking our allergies treatment in Boynton Beach is essential.

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Which Allergies Are Common in South Florida?

Oak is a common allergy in South Florida, but other flowering plants that produce pollen can also cause problems. Spring is a rough time for allergy sufferers because everything blooms at the same time. The amount of pollen in the air makes it difficult to escape from the seasonal allergies that bother you.


However, because the weather in South Florida is always warm, the flowers, trees, and grasses never go dormant. Consequently, pollen and other environmental triggers are always present, making it even more important to see an allergist if you have problems.


Asthma and allergies often go hand-in-hand. If you struggle to breathe as well, you may need to seek the help of an asthma specialist. After a comprehensive allergy evaluation, Dr. Brodner will determine what the best treatment plan is for the patient and whether an asthma specialist is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Allergies

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Allergy Testing

The Center for Sinus, Allergy, and Sleep Wellness undergoes thorough steps to establish a diagnosis, which includes:

  • Gathering your detailed medical history.
  • Performing a thorough examination of your ears, nose, throat, and head.
  • Conducting an Endoscopy to determine if infection and/or structural abnormalities (deviated septum or polyps) are contributing to your symptoms.
  • Completing an allergy test to confirm allergies and measure severity.
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Types Of Allergy Tests

  • Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT) or Skin Prick Testing – This is the most common type of allergy test and is performed at the St. Louis Sinus Center. With skin testing, we expose your skin to a variety of allergens and then observe for a reaction. Based on this test, we can rule in/out allergies, determine which specific allergen is the cause, and measure the severity levels of each. The results from this test are vital to providing a customized treatment plan.


  • ImmunoCAP Testing – As an alternative to MQT, ImmunoCAP is a simple blood test that measures sensitivities

Allergy testing involves skin testing to identify your reaction to common allergens to determine if you are suffering from seasonal allergies or something else. A nurse will inject small bubbles of allergens under your skin and then check your reaction after twenty minutes.


If the bubbles turn red, swell, or start to itch, the nurse will measure the severity of your allergic reaction based on a scale. The Boynton Beach allergy doctor will use this information to determine a course of treatment that could include daily antihistamines for temporary relief or allergy shots for a long-term treatment plan.

Same-Day Appointments for Allergy Testing

If you suffer from allergies, you may also need to see an ENT specialist. An ENT can work in conjunction with an asthma and allergy physician to help alleviate the symptoms of allergies like difficulty breathing, scratchy throat, or runny nose.


Dr. Brodner, a Top Rated Boynton Beach ENT and Allergy Doctor accepts same-day appointments for patients seeking allergy relief, so you don't have to wait for another day for a solution to your allergy symptoms. For help diagnosing and treating your seasonal allergies, contact Dr. Brodner today!

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