Sinus Headache Treatment

Sinus Headache

What is a Sinus Headache?

The lining of the ducts or tubes that connect the sinuses to the back of the nose becomes inflamed, the sinuses may not be able to drain normally, and pressure may build up within the blocked sinus. There may also be associated swelling and inflammation of the lining of the sinuses, resulting in increased mucus and fluid secretion. This increase in fluid and pressure causes the pain of a sinus headache. The term sinusitis is used to describe inflammation of the sinus (sinus + itis = inflammation). If you experience sinus headache symptoms, Dr. Brodner can help you with a sinus headache treatment in Boynton Beach.

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While a sinus inflammation (sinusitis) may be caused by a viral infection, much like a cold that causes swelling in the nose, the inflammation and decreased ability of the sinuses to drain may also be caused by an allergic reaction like allergies. Inflammation, like anywhere else in the body, causes swelling and increased fluid production. In the sinuses, this decreases the ability of the sinuses to drain. What causes a sinus headache is the increased inflammatory fluid production (just like the weeping observed with a skin injury) combined with the decrease in drainage.

Dr. Brodner utilizes minimally-invasive Balloon Sinus Dilation (aka Balloon Sinuplasty) to open the narrowed sinus passages and treat what causes a sinus headache. He is able to perform this procedure for most patients in his office using only local anesthesia. This means Dr. Brodner’s patients can come in for a 30-minute treatment, and then return immediately to their normal activities at home or to work — the very same day — without requiring narcotics or special recovery instructions.

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"Great experience! The office is run very well, they see you at your appointment time, very Covid safe and Dr Brodner’s PA is terrific! She was very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and very helpful. Best PA that I have come across!"

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