Propel Sinus Implant

Minimally invasive sinusitis surgery is one of the most effective treatments for chronic sinusitis because the diseased or obstructive tissue is removed from the sinuses. But given the chronic nature of the condition, ongoing inflammation and scarring can threaten to block sinuses again.

PROPEL can help decrease inflammation for longer-term relief.

PROPEL Sinus Stent Is Clinically Proven To:

  • Keep the sinuses open after surgery.
  • Precisely deliver medication directly into the healing tissues.
  • Dissolve on its own so removal is not required.

You want to experience as much relief from chronic sinusitis as possible—for as long as possible. Sinus surgery with the PROPEL sinus stent uses a clever combination of device design and medication delivery to improve the outcomes of surgery and provide relief at the source.

How PROPEL Sinus Stent Works

PROPEL is a small, innovative, stent-like device. It props open the sinus after surgery. This allows air to circulate and mucus to drain, so proper sinus functioning and healing can take place.

PROPEL sinus stent contains an anti-inflammatory medication. It delivers the drug in a controlled manner, directly into the healing sinus tissues that need it. This helps to decrease inflammation (swelling), and prevent scarring.

As PROPEL sinus stent delivers the medication, it slowly dissolves. This takes about 30 to 45 days. It can be left to dissolve or be removed at any time.

PROPEL sinus stent is clinically proven to maintain the outcomes of surgery. This means less likelihood for additional surgical interventions or the need for oral steroids.

PROPEL sinus stent is lightweight, and usually cannot be felt once in place. And, its unique dissolvable design eliminates the need for removal, for additional peace of mind.

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