REMfresh Helps You Fall Asleep Faster


Stay Asleep Longer


Unlike other melatonin products, REMfresh’s patented technology releases melatonin continuously for up to 7 hours, mimicking the body’s natural release of melatonin.
This may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and experience better quality sleep.
REMfresh® is not a prescription drug. It doesn’t contain narcotics, sedatives, antihistamines, or alcohol. REMfresh®doesn’t cause morning drowsiness and isn’t associated with dependence or withdrawal symptoms.
REMfresh® helps you wake up refreshed without a drug hangover effect.
Ask Dr. Brodner about how The REMfresh® Advantage may help improve your sleep.

REMfresh’s patented Ion-Powered Pump™ Technology releases high-quality melatonin continuously throughout the night, mimicking the body’s natural release profile.

In some over-the-counter products, melatonin release peaks after the first few hours of sleep and decreases sharply thereafter.

REMfresh’s release pattern of melatonin throughout the night resembles a mesa – a flat topped hill with steep sides. It’s estimated that 33 percent of adults have occasional difficulty falling or staying asleep. This may be because their body is no longer producing this Mesa Wave™ pattern of melatonin release.

UltraMel™ Melatonin

Dr. Brodner only recommends the highest quality products for his patients. REMFresh contains UltraMel, a high-quality, 99.9% ultra pure melatonin sourced from Western Europe—where melatonin is required to meet the strict purity standards. UltraMel is produced by a leading European manufacturer of ultra high quality melatonin and is made exclusively for REMfresh. The sources of many other melatonin products on market are often undisclosed or shipped from China or India.

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