posted on January 6, 2016 

(Balloon Sinuplasty performed in the office) 

"Absolutely Pain Free. It is a Miracle. I feel better already. Dr. Brodner is the definition of Excellence."


For years companies have used antihistamines in an attempt to remedy insomnia and unknowingly sufferers were falling asleep, a known benefit of diphenhydramine, but awakening feeling groggy or ‘hung-over.’ That is the reason Comadoze has combined the powerful sleep-promoting effect of diphenhydramine with the essential amino acid Glutamine, which alleviates fatigue, and natural minerals Calcium and Magnesium which promote body-function stability by regulating acid-alkaline balance.

Comadoze promotes deep, natural sleep by also utilizing Tryptophan, another amino acid that cannot be manufactured by your body and must be provided through supplements. Tryptophan combats insomnia and aids in the production of Serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that sends signals in the brain to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. The ingredient pyridoxine, also known as Vitamin B6, is vitally important in the production of GABA, yet another neurotransmitter that Comadoze harnesses to naturally enhance the brain’s sleep-regulation.


Glutamine – an amino acid that helps the body in many ways, including boosting energy and recovery of muscles. As this amino acid hits the bloodstream, the user gets the feeling of energy and a sensation of being “wide awake”…. this is the goal, after a deep night’s sleep.

Calcium and Magnesium – These promote body-function stability by regulating acid-alkaline balance. This means that your body can recover from the state of sleep it was in, in a quicker fashion, and maintain that balanced level of performance.